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When you and your family come together to plan the funeral of your loved one, you are going to want to make sure that you do everything that you can to honor their life in a good way. For some people, this means having a funeral that would include everything they enjoyed while they were alive. For others, that means having a big event that would be something they would have loved to attend. And while those options are both good, there are other ones you can choose from. If you and your family want to do something smaller, then there is the option to create a memorial garden in their memory. These gardens can be put on your property so that your loved one is always near you. If you would like to know more about building memorial gardens, you can contact funeral homes in Westwego, LA.


What Is a Memorial Garden?

A memorial garden is a garden that is planted by you to honor and remember the life of your loved one. These gardens are usually private, and they can be a place where you go to reflect on the life of your loved one. You can hold a wake at your house or another location to have a quiet time with the departed before burial.


funeral homes in Westwego, LAWhat Can Be Included in a Memorial Garden?

· Flowers/Plants – As this is a garden, it makes sense to have plants and flowers planted in the area. If you wanted to, you could even plant a seedling that would then grow into a big tree over the years. This would be a really good idea. As for the plants and flowers, you should pick ones that your loved one enjoyed. This would be a nice touch. Bright flowers would help to make the area livelier.

· Stones – Having stones in the memorial garden would also be a nice touch. You could build crosses out of the stones, some of them could be engraved, or they could just be a way to make the area look more natural. This is a choice you and your family can decide on.

· Water – Adding some sort of water to the area is also a great idea. This could be a small waterfall of some sort or even a small pond. Water has a way of having a calming effect on people. When you go out to visit the area that you have dedicated to your loved one, you will feel at peace with everything. It will not only look nice, but it may also attract some very curious wildlife as well. You will not regret the decision to add it to your memorial garden.

· Benches – If you are planning to sit out at the memory garden from time to time, then it would be right to add some sort of sitting area. There are some companies which you can purchase benches from. They can even make an engraved plaque that you can put on the bench to signify that it is there in memory of someone close to you.

Not everyone will build a memorial garden to honor the life of their loved one, but those that do will not regret it. If you would like to know more about memorial gardens, you can speak with funeral homes in Westwego, LA.

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