Cremation Urns for Fathers

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The death of a father is like having a mirror broken, and it can never be fixed again. The father’s death is an emotional scar that can’t be easily recovered from. Trying to pick a perfect urn for your father in this condition can be very demanding because of the variety of urn types available. You can contact cremation services in Westwego, LA to help you with a list of urn types suitable for fathers.

Picking an urn for your father can be very difficult if you do not understand the different urn types. Because of your wide range of options, you might feel that you can’t get one that is special enough to suit your father. Below is a list of urns that are worthy of consideration.


Bible Urn With Cross

The Bible urn is designed in such a way that it resembles a holy bible standing upright. This urn is used to celebrate fathers who have lived their life for the Lord. Clergypersons, pastors, and evangelists are examples of people this urn is used to celebrate. The Bible urn is completed with a wooden cross-inlay. It is used to honor the memories of a man who has walked with the Lord.


Cowboy Boots Memorial Plaque Cremation Urn

This is a unique memorial urn type. This is different from other ones because it is made in such a way that it can be hung on the wall. It has a cowboy hat engraved with a pair of boots, reminding you of a perfect father figure. The cowboy boots memorial cremation also has plenty of space to contain cremation.


Blessing Brass Cremation Urn

This midnight black urn perfectly blends the smooth model aesthetics with a classic urn style. It is a carefully finished, sophisticated urn. Its unique feature is the engraved ornament on the lid band.


Celebration of Life Classic Urns

This is a beautiful sand cast metal urn. It is made of aluminum alloy with stunning crimson hues and an adorned band.


Golf Cremation Urns

This would be the best urn type for your father if he were a lover of the sport golf. It can be constructed with wood such as oak, walnut, mahogany, or maple. Golf cremation urns come with unique in-lay art.


Freedom Solid Wood Military Cremation Urns

cremation services in Westwego, LA2If your father was a person who served the country as military personnel, you could as well get the Freedom Solid wood military cremation urn for him. This urn type is made from cherry, oak, walnut, or redwood. It is used mostly for placement in the military columbarium niches or to be interred in a military cemetery.


Forest Blue Cremation Urns

If your father was a lover of the color blue, you should probably consider this urn type. This beautiful metal urn is carefully hand-finished with a blue lacquer coat. The forest blue cremation urn is a unique choice for your amazing father.

You can briefly describe your father’s personality with the urn type you pick for them. It is best to avoid rushing when picking home for your father. Pre-planning your funeral should be a natural part of life because it provides you with time to make end-of-life decisions in a calm and rational atmosphere.


If you get stuck while trying to select an urn for your father, you can contact cremation services in Westwego, LA for help.

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