Water Cremation as an Alternative to Fire Cremation

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Recent innovations in the cremation industry have centered around the use of water in place of other methods during the cremation process. Water cremation is a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cremation. While not yet well-grounded, this approach is gaining traction in a number of jurisdictions. Get in touch with cremation services in Westwego, LA to learn more about your options before making a final decision.

Methods Used in a Water Cremation

With the use of alkaline chemicals, water, heat, and occasionally pressure, the natural decomposition of a body may be sped up considerably during the water cremation process. After the process is complete, there will be no trace of tissue or DNA in the solvent. Just the bones and the container of sterile liquid remain in the chamber.

The first part of the process entails placing the body of the deceased into a container full of a solution made of water and alkaline chemicals. Depending on the size and weight of the person being cremated, the cremation process might take anywhere from three to one hundred and eighty-two hours.

Is Water Cremation Allowed by Law?

Numerous states legally recognize water crematoriums. These are the jurisdictions where the use of alkaline hydrolysis has been sanctioned and approved. There are however certain locations where water cremation is not sanctioned by law.

Fire Cremation

Fire cremation entails placing the deceased’s body inside a furnace and letting it burn for four to six hours; the resulting ashes from a fire cremation have a gray or sandy look and can be of varied sizes. Crushed and ground-up bones make up the vast majority of the ashes. Fire cremation costs way less than a conventional funeral, which is one of the major reasons most families opt for it. After the fire cremation process is completed, the deceased’s ashes are returned to the family in an urn. This same process also applies after the conclusion of water cremation.

cremation services in Westwego, LABased on the procedures described above, it is clear that water cremation is preferable to fire cremation from an environmental standpoint. It is widely agreed that cremation with water is the most peaceful and compassionate option. Whenever the topic of cremation is brought up, most people automatically assume that burning is meant to be the only option. Cremation using fire is not the only option available. The main reason for the widespread popularity of fire cremation rests on the fact that fire cremation is cheap and relatively easy to go about. In addition, the equipment to be used in a fire cremation is less expensive than that of water. Most families settle for fire cremation because of the cost-effective nature of the process. These two cremation methods have both been around for quite some time.

There are several factors to consider, including cost, before settling on a method for body disposition. However, some have to do with one’s religious or personal beliefs. However, it is crucial to consider how the decedent’s death might affect the earth and the ecology. After giving serious consideration to both possibilities, you must pick the method of final disposition that meets not only your preferences but also your predetermined standards. Regardless of your final wishes, cremation services in Westwego, LA are available to help.

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