Types of Burial Services

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After and before a person’s death, consider making sure that the proper funeral ceremony is performed. As a result, the departed will be remembered with reverence, and those who have lost a loved one will have consoling words and memories to cherish in memory of the one who has gone away. If you do not know where to begin, contact funeral homes in Westwego, LA, for appropriate advice and learn about the many burial alternatives that are consistent with your budgetary plan.

One of the essential components of a traditional funeral is the presence of close friends and family members who are grieving the death of a loved one. After the viewing period has ended, the funeral service is usually held. It is possible to have a Christian funeral in a church or other place of worship, depending on the dead’s family’s beliefs or the desires of the departed. The casket will be put during the funeral to recognize the dead properly, and the family can physically spend the last moments with the departed. A person’s casket may be left open or closed after death, depending on the circumstances.

Another alternative to conventional burial traditions like burying the dead in the grave is to embalm the corpse and exhibit it in your home for future generations to see. Cremation and the storage of cremated remains, the design of the casket, the cemetery where it will be buried, and the memorial inscription are all options that may be considered while planning a funeral ceremony.

Different Types of Burial Services

Depending on what kind of funeral you choose, you will be given different ceremony elements. According to tradition, a funeral ceremony must follow certain rules and regulations, both religious and cultural. Despite the range of maintained practices, the form of funeral ceremonies generally resembles one another with similar activities. The various types of burial services include the following:

The Wake Service

Friends and family members typically attend a wake or viewing before the funeral ceremony to share one more moment with the departed. You can hold a wake at your house or another location to have a quiet time with the departed before burial.

The Committal Service

funeral homes in Westwego, LAThe term “eulogy” refers to a kind of burial ritual that has its roots in the Christian tradition. After the funeral service, it is common to have a committed service to designate the deceased’s final resting place officially. Depending on the family’s choice, this may be done at the cemetery or after the ashes are buried or burned.

Direct Burial

“Direct burial” is just what it says: a ceremony at the cemetery when the deceased is promptly laid to rest in the ground. Family members should be allowed to bury a loved one without holding a funeral or other memorial service to commemorate the departed.

A graveside ceremony is not required if the deceased is buried directly. The last step is for the funeral home to bury the dead. Direct burial is the most convenient alternative, even if only close family members attend the funeral and speak a few words. It is cost-effective and time-saving.

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